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我的夢想英語作文帶翻譯 My Dream

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我的夢想英語作文帶翻譯 My Dream



  Have you thought about your dream? I have, I have a dream that three, for example: gorgeous singer, everyone's favorite actor and tasty dessert. When I want most is a singer, because I love to sing, and I also think I sing well, ms wang yu also think so.

  Since my dream is to be a magnificent singer, I try to practice every day to sing, sing, class bored singing, taking a bath, also singing... And so on. Why I have this dream? Because I think my voice can bring you warm and happy feeling, let you angry and sad mood all behind to complex.

  As the saying goes: "god helps whoever helps them," I really believe that this sentence, because I also believe that as long as there are serious efforts to pay, there must be a good result. When the singer is very hard, because you want to memorize all of the songs, also want to hide paparazzi, there are a lot of hard work, but I believe that success as a singer, after all the hard work was worth it.

  Because most people dream and great, so if you don't have a dream now, think about it: what are your strengths? Go near you strengths and go ahead! Come on! One day you you will be successful. Because as the saying goes: "failure is the mother of success."






  I have a dream that a lot! But some may can't do but I heard: "a person, have a dream, have goals, have goals, there is power; a power; has the power, life is full of meaning." So I'm going to like the words of one layer upward, become a successful person!

  From third grade I have a dream is to have been admitted to the university department of insects, or other subjects about biological, although this road is tough, but I believe that: "as long as have a dream can come true in all things." So I try to efforts to try again upwards.

  I have this very big dreams, because I have a passion for biology and insect, love, I think every one of us must have complete mission in the world, and I came into the world should be dedicated to the insect world.

  Anyway, everyone has goals and dreams he will be very try my best to make their own dreams, no matter adults, children and old grandpa and grandma must have been his dream, but someone has died still unfinished, so be sure to cherish their own dreams, let him not only the big dreams, but most true eternal dream, every one of the world must come on!






  Has heard from people who said: "great because of dream." Some dreams are out of reach, but humans to the moon is not also achieved the dream of one thousand years, enough to prove that the "period".

  My dream is to become a musician, clarinet in the school team, from the beginning are ignorant to blow out the right note, every song from the unfamiliar to the watch can also like flowing smoothly, pleasing to the ear. Songs like I dress, dress up for them, and only the birth of new life in my hands, and the notes floating in the air, beautiful melody hugged me, from this, I get a great deal of joy.

  I was attracted wonderful piano chords, melodious sound, so sign up piano lessons. See someone playing, fingers dancing in black and white keys jump, chord is dressed up, foil, song just like the gorgeous peony, rose, whether happy, sad, lively, passionate; Emotions, piano is like a magic can express incisively and vividly, so, I am happy to in them, even if the practice coming first to exercise a superb piano art, believe that as long as the efforts, will have a dream come true one day.

  The essence of the musicians play a musical instrument, writing songs, all of these can bring people happiness, good mood, and comfort the soul, is the gift of god give the world the most beautiful, is also my dream.







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